Certification Services

Certification Services

Career development and elevation go hand-in-hand over the duration of a professional's career. During this time there are three recognizable and direct contributing factors; in order of traditional achievement these are:

  1. academic achievements e.g.. undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees;
  2. professional experience; and
  3. professional certifications.

These three are the impetus of professional advancement. The Information Security Leadership Forum, provides professional certification services to help practitioners in this regard.

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What is the Forum doing to support members on this?

The Information Security Leadership Forum has launch personnel certification services for Data Privacy and Security Management. To ensure the integrity of this service, processes and procedures are developed and maintained in conformance with ISO 17024.

How will this affect Forum members?

First and foremost, what it won’t do, is affect your pocket book. The cost of all training services published by the Forum will will include the certification exam and application fees.

Additionally, to enhance your experience as you continue to enjoy attending great Leadership Forum events, you will now receive formal recognition for your investment of time and money in training programs offered by the Forum, which you participate in.

What about ongoing certification maintenance costs?

Like all certifications, there is a cost to the administrators of the program to receive, review and validate program participants continue to meet the ongoing experience and educational requirements, as well as other behind the scene activities. As such, the Forum will institute a similar maintenance program with the goal of keeping cost to members as low as possible.

How do member participate in the Forum’s certification program?

There are no special prerequisites. All active members of the members who attend Forum events, which offers certification training tracks will automatically enrolled in the program. All fees are included in the price of the event, so there are no additional charges.

Non-members participate in our certification programs by registering for training with one of our Certified Training Partners.

How does the Forum administer certification exams?

Exams are administered on-site during the last day of scheduled training. Online student exams are proctored remotely.