Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

The Information Security Leadership Forum (ISLF) wants everyone who visits our website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

Policy Statement

It is the Forum's policy to ensure this site is designed and maintained in a manner that provides not only for the enjoyable, but also the safe use of this website.


The ISLF is committed to providing access to all individuals, with or without disabilities, who wish to use our websites, documents, applications or services to obtain information or resources. We have developed our information, website, and web content to ensure where possible, compatibility with common adaptive technologies by utilizing using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Compliance Maintenance

We monitor our website regularly using a combined manual and automated approach using technology to assess ongoing compliance and perform follow up maintenance. We understand that while technology is helpful, its not perfect. During your visit, should you happen to find any area9s) of concern, we kindly ask you to please get in touch and let us know using our visitor contact form. In addition to the required contact information in the contact form, kindly include the URL for the page where you identified an issue, as well as a description of the concern. Accessibility concerns will be added into our maintenance schedule and address as our next opportunity.

Links to Non-ISLF Content and Sites

The ISLF websites may contain links to websites belonging to other individuals or organizations, outside the control of the ISLF. As such, the ISLF has no control over the accessibility design or functionality of these sites, nor does it warrant or represent these sites by virtue of the link that are or will continue to be accessibility compliant.

ISLF Accessibility Features

The ISLF has integrated accessibility features into our sites, which include:

Standardized Look and Feel

Pages found on individual ISLF websites generally offer a common look and feel making them easier to navigate from one page to another.

Single Sign-on

Members of the ISLF's online community, may participate in other paid services including online training, which may be hosted on another website. For ISLF services such as this, we have implemented single sign-on, to seamlessly allow logged in members to go from one service to another without having to login multiple times.

Image Accessibility

The image on the ISLF website contain alternative text, which assistive technologies can read aloud to the user to provide access to information presented visually.

Scalable Text Size

The text size on the ISLF website can easily be increased with the web browsers text size adjustment feature.

Skip Navigation.

We are currently in the process of implementing Skip Navigation feature which allows users to go directly to the specific content section on a web page. We anticipate where practical, this will be implemented prior to the end of 2023.