The Information Security Leadership Forum™

The Information Security Leadership Forum™ is a group of distinguished practitioners serving inside companies, and those supporting them from the outside in academic, legal, and vendor communities, working towards the common goal of protecting organizational information assets.

ISLF Overview Video ThumbnailObjective

To build and leverage information security community resources to empower today and tomorrow’s leaders.


  1. To provide a medium in which leaders can discuss issues of the day, and share insights, information and experience;
  2. Establish regional, national and international leadership communities for networking purposes;
  3. Provide the means and opportunity for the collaboration on new practice models and methodologies;
  4. Establish an accessible education program for information security leadership knowledge;
  5. Create a recognition and promotion program for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.


The Information Security Leadership Forum is legally registered in the state of Florida, United States of America as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The Forum is in the process of preparing the legal filing for migration to a Benefit Corporation as defined under State of Florida, title XXXVI Chapter 607. The purpose behind this change is multi-faceted, and is intrinsic to the business strategy of the Forum.  So what is a Benefit Corporation?

Benefit Corporation: are for-profit companies that are obligated to consider the impact of their products and services on society, not solely the shareholders. As a result, positive impact on society must become formally articulated in the organization’s Articles of Incorporation, commonly referred to as a guide for its legally defined goals. In addition Benefit Corporations must institute a governing model that incorporates the use of a third-party standard which is attributable to its business and operations.

To satisfy the third-party standard, the Forum will leverage a multi-level governance design of Board of Advisors, who are assembled to provide input on the needs of the community at local, regional and international levels and general steer the direction of the Forum’s service offerings. Service on one of the Boards is by invitation and appointment by the ISLF International Board Chairman and CEO. The Boards of the Forum are as follows:

International Board of Advisors

The role of International Board of Advisors is to ensure the programs, support and services afforded by the Information Security Leadership Forum, are consistent with the needs of the international body.

Regional Board of Advisors

Chapters are aligned into groups of four Chapters to form a Region. One representative from each Chapter’s Board of Advisors is appointed with the responsibility to represent the Chapter on the Regional Board. The Regional Board of Advisors serves to provide the Chapters a voice for their unique needs, and is a point from which quarterly sessions are organized and assigned throughout the Chapters in the Region.

Chapter Board of Advisors

Chapter groups are governed by a group from the body of a local Chapter, forming the Chapter Advisory Board. They serve to provide a voice from the body to ensure the guidance and direction provided Regional and National Boards are representative of the desire and needs of the community at large.

Why Not, a Not-for-Profit?

This was a topic that was raised by a number of members of the Forum, however the answer is not as simplistic as the question itself. After performing a review of the requirements our members were asking the ISLF to provide, and after reviewing the laws surrounding not-for-profit registration, it quickly became apparent there would be conflicts between the two. Two key areas that quickly became apparent that they would be diametrically opposed were:

  1. The development and provisioning of accessible management tools such as our ISO 27001 Governance and Audit Test Procedures template sets, as well as accessible certification training services; and
  2. Serving in the capacity as an industry lobbyist, working to influence public policy on strong security mandates and other initiatives.

After great deliberation on this issue, we reached a decision that the benefits we could offer the community at large through the above and other services, would outweigh the perceived benefits of not-for-profit status.

What is the impact of this decision on me?

To members: there is no direct impact or effect upon any one individual member. In most cases, your membership dues will be reimbursed by your company or as a taxable business expense.

To event exhibitors or sponsors: again there is no impact or effect upon any company registering as an exhibitor or sponsor. Similarly to members, your contribution as an event exhibitor or sponsor is a business expense which is normally 100% taxable deductible.


Professionals employed whose role is focused on the protection of information assets of an organization, as well as external parties who provide support for the attainment of this goal. Membership is broken down into seven (7) categories:

Solution Provider

a professional who provides products or services to customers (consultants, product vendors, integrators, training service providers, recruiters, outside counsel, etc. – collectively know as Solution Providers)

Senior Leader

a professional whose role is focused on the protection of their company’s information assets and who hold a position of Manager, Director, Vice President or above are eligible to apply for a subscription under Senior Leader

Junior Leaders

a professional whose role is focused on the protection of their company’s information assets and hold a non-managerial position


– Faculty: a professional whose full-time role is focused on providing formal and accredited academic programs to the public

– Student: an individual who is enrolled and attending an academic institution full-time under a formally accredited academic program of study, and is not otherwise employed

Attorney (Barrister)

a professional who is accredited by the Bar or other legal industry accrediting body as an attorney (Barrister) and is focused on service in the administration of justice as an officer of the criminal or civil courts, and provides these services for the internal purposes and protection of the company it works for, not in a firm that offers legal services to external clients (see vendor). This category also includes those in service under a recognized government department or agency.

Law Enforcement Officer

a professional whose full-time role is focused on the investigation or management of resources employed on computer-based criminal investigation activity, and is employed by an accredited Law Enforcement Agency.


All eligible parties may apply for a subscription to the Information Security Leadership Forum (ISLF) by registering on this site, during which time you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the Forum. All registrations are subject to the Forum’s terms and conditions, and subsequent changes thereafter.

Subscription Fee

In August 2016 we introduced new paid membership options. The new membership options have introduced new and amazing benefits, as well as allowed us to make significant investments in the portal functionality. For complete details on membership options and benefits click here: Paid Membership Options

General Member Value Proposition

For complete details on member benefits, please use the link above.

Networking Opportunities Enrolled participants may enjoy professional networking during quarterly local events, as well as at our invitation only Information Security Leadership Summit, and online in the community portal.
Community Involvement Get involvement in community projects as a leader or contributor
Leadership Opportunities With a plethora of community projects and chapters, members interested in developing and exercising their leadership skills have a volume of opportunities to grow and contribute.
Personal Reputation Growth The Forum offers a variety of opportunities to help you grow your personal brand and reputation, from speaking opportunities to serve as a trainer or training development team member, for professional education programs.
Partner Company Discounts Through partnering with professional education and other companies, our members have access discounts of 50%+ on products and services.
Access to Professional Practice Tools The Forum is heavily invested in developing new professional practice models, methodologies and tools accessible to its members.
General Educational Opportunities During regular meetings of a chapter, general educational opportunities are available in addition to networking.
Continuing Professional Development / Education Credits By participating in any chapter activity or educational opportunity, you will have the opportunity to earn CPD / CPEs to help you maintain industry professional certifications.
Information Security Leadership Training Series  All subscribers may elect to participate in our Information Security Leadership Training Series events. Each session varies in length based on the topic, and includes a round table discussion to address issues that affect Senior Leaders. The round table discussion periods are closed to Senior Leaders only. The fee for each session of the Leadership Training Series may vary based on the length of the session and the volume of local vendor sponsorship.
Participation in Defining and Developing the Future of the Industry By your participation in community projects, you will have an opportunity to make an impact on the future of the information security industry and professional practices.