The Information Security Leadership Forum is please to announce the fourth in our DIY Webinar Series, “How To Build an Awareness & Training Program.”

academics intro webinarIn this fourth session in our DIY webinar series on, we’ll be engaging attendees in a high-level discussion on how to construct an employee information security awareness and training program, based on the ACADEMICS methodology. It doesn’t matter whether you’re developing your awareness and training program for the topic of security, privacy, business continuity, etc. the methodology works for all shapes and sizes. The real value of an information security employee awareness and training program is that it distributes the basic knowledge required by employees across the organizations to know how to and why, protect sensitive organizational information assets.

After the Webinar

This webinar will be the launching point to establish an industry working group on this topic. No matter whether you’re new to the topic, or a seasoned expert participating in this event and the work group that follows will be a great stepping stone for your career and the community at large.