The Information Security Leadership Forum is please to announce the second in our DIY Webinar Series, “How To Measure Your Information Security Program for Tangible Business Value.”

Measure_Business_ValueOne of the biggest challenges for information security leaders and the programs they manage, is to find ways to identify and articulate tangible value for the investment an organization makes in its information security program. Learning to establish and maintain a performance measurement program with defined objectives, focus areas, and performance indicators is fundamental to achieving this critical understanding and communicating value proposition to the business.

During this webinar attendees will learn how to:

  1. identify business objectives & define security program objectives
  2. Identify performance measurements
  3. analyze performance indicators to assess effectiveness
  4. have a meaningful conversation with business leaders on the security program’s performance

After the Webinar

This webinar will be the launching point to establish an industry working group on the topic of information security metrics. No matter whether you’re new to the topic, or a seasoned expert participating in this event and the work group that follows will be a great stepping stone for your career and the community at large.