The Information Security Leadership Forum is please to announce the first in our DIY Webinar Series, “Building a Business Focused Information Security Program, and Achieve Compliance as a Byproduct.”

Business_Focused_SecurityOne of the biggest challenges for many organizations is that their information security program was historically built in a tactical fashion, threat vector by threat vector, counter measure by counter measure, without focused consideration to or alignment with the business strategy. After all, Information Security leaders have traditionally come from IT. To be fair and honest, in IT we know IT well, but how well do we even know or understand where our company is going and how it will get there. This is exacerbated by the fact that our Information Security Departments have historically been under manned and over worked. It’s not like we would not have wanted to do this if we had time, but who had the time. Weren’t we all fighting fires and trying to keep up with the hackers? When asked, most security leaders today will tell you that their budget submission and project pipeline has been predicated on audit and security assessment findings.

During this webinar attendees will learn how to right size their security program aligning them with the business strategy and associated objectives, to demonstrate tangible evidence of value to the organization. In this one hour presentation you will be afforded an understanding of how using the ISO 27001 as a framework you can:

  • Define program objectives based on your organization’s business strategy;
  • Build an information security program around the business strategy;
  • Establish metrics and monitor performance; and
  • Achieve compliance as a byproduct.

After the Webinar

This webinar will be the launching point to establish an industry working group on the topic of enterprise information security strategy. No matter whether you’re new to the topic, or a seasoned expert participating in this event and the work group that follows will be a great stepping stone for your career and the community at large.